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Etegami lesson

Japanese postcard art experience for beginners

  • 45 minutes
  • 20 US dollars
  • Lake Oswego Studio

Service Description

Art Class Japanese Calligraphy Art, etegami You will make one etegami, Japanese postcard art. Etegami is not just art, but a letter. New to Japanese art? No worries. It is easy and fun. The class is a step by step process, with personalized instructions. It is about 45 min session for one card (one card per session). Steps 1. Draw outline 2. Color 3. Write a message 4. Sign your name/name stamp 5. Send your art Materials to use -watercolor -sumi ink* -paintbrushes* -pallet* -two cups filled with water to wash brushes* -washi card** -etegami brushes** *available to rent. $5 per one set (everything except for watercolor) . The materials must be returned in original condition. Any damage will be subject for extra fee. As for water color, if you don’t have Japanese water color, you may use regular, or find online if interested: amazon.comNihongaSumiWatercolor **washi card and etegami brushes are available for purchase from me directly. ($6 for 10 cards/ $20 for brush set of 3) FAQ Q.What is Etegami? A.Etegami=E(picture)+Tegami(letter) It is similar to postcard art, but with more to offer... It takes focus and concentration, and you will have great fun. Uses unique Japanese calligraphy methods in drawing lines. Water color on washi paper creates an interesting effect. Writing a simple message to someone is relaxing and satisfying. Q. Do I have to be good at drawing? A. No! You don’t have to be good at drawing/coloring at all. “Sending your heart” is etegami. One of the most important etegami philosophies is ”not good is even better” Drawing well, coloring nicely, or making a perfect piece is not the goal. Q. How long has etegami been around? A. It was started in late ’70s by Mr.Kunio Koike. Q. What should/can I draw? A. Anything. It is best if your subject is placed in front of you. That way, you can look at the material from any angle + observe it closely. Seasonal items are highly recommended. (flower, leaves, fruits, vegetables) Q. What is the best material to draw for beginners? A. Something with very simple lines. Ex. Orange, apple, pear, tomato, banana. Q. Size of etegami art? A. Usually it is a postcard size (4x6”). Q. Is this a group class or 1 on 1? A. I do both! It is great either way. Q.Is the fee different for group class? A. I charge an additional $5 per person in a group session.

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